Once upon a time there was a world in which typewriters, rotary phones, and the postal system ruled the world. This world was wonderful, and everyone was able to keep their personal information private. Unfortunately, this world no longer exists and nowadays personal information is spread easily, which is not always beneficial. One of the most trusted means of trading information has come within the method of the fax machine. Fax machines transfer information between two users through a telephone line and therefore has been known to be the most secure method of information transferring. Recently, modifications have been made to fax machines and a phone line is no longer used, instead users run their fax machines through their email. Here en lies the problem.

Most people are under the belief that their email accounts are secure, especially because a password is needed to enter the accounts. The reality is that email accounts are not very secure at all. When an email leaves your account it does not undergo an encryption process, and therefore displays it’s contents in plain text. If someone should intercept your email they would not have to trifle through encrypted codes, but can simply open it up and view the simplistic information. For this reason, the business world believes in the cardinal rule to never share personal information, such as credit card information, through emails. This rule is generally understood and complied with, however some of the complexities are overlooked.

One major issue that many overlook is that fax machines are now being connected to the same phone lines as our email accounts. The problem with this is that our once secure faxes are now travelling without protection. They can be easily intercepted like an email, and the information can be publicly viewed. What is worse is that many people do not know this is happening, making them all the more surprised when their information is stolen. Don’t fret though, there is hope. Telephones are constantly evolving making the exchange through spoken word quicker than ever. The most secure way to transfer information would be through a telephone, as there are only two parties who can presently hear the details needed. Now, for all the technological professionals who would believe the telephone to be archaic, it can be proven that sometimes the best methods are the most tried methods. Emails are a relatively new process and that is why they are still flawed, but telephones have been around much longer and have earned their right to be an integral part of business.

Written by:
Chris Siretz