What does responsive website design mean for the end user and business owner?

Responsive web design differs from a simple mobile website because it is much more functional. It includes pictures, forms, content and the aesthetics that make a website look professional. The mobile sites that are offered today by the online directory companies are just that. Simple mobile sites that offer lines text that are buttons with no visual appeal. These are not responsive websites. They are touted as responsive website or mobile websites, but this fashion of mobile site has been around for years and really doesn’t do the job for most.

The use of responsive design when it comes to website planning includes accommodating users with different browsers and hardware. A responsive website has to work well with standard PCs as well as mobile devices and tablets. Most users think this only involves the way a website looks on your screen, but there is more to deal with than that. Making your website look good on most browsers is a standard practice today, although it amazes me how many web designers still don’t check their new creations in every browser at different screen resolutions.

A good web designer that keeps responsive web design in mind needs to plan how the content will look on each type of screen. Some designers opt to specialize in one area, making the site useful for mobile apps or PC’s. Before deciding if you can make that choice you need to know who your customer is and what their using to access your site. Google Analytics does a good job of telling you what browsers and screen resolutions are accessing your website.

Today there’s quite a bit of hype on concentrating on mobile applications but most retailers will still rely on The PC or tablet for purchases, while companies like car service,take-out restaurants, certain trade industries will rely more on mobile apps.

Once you have decided whether your company needs mobile , standard or both. Your web designer can proceed with planning. Creating a website that works well with all resolutions is more difficult than one that just works for mobile or standard PCs, but you have to keep your customer base and their needs in mind. Having a website that addresses the needs of half of your customer base usually will not fit the bill.

Creating the right look and functionality for the industry you are in, that serves the customers so they can access your business from anywhere at any time means more revenue for your company. It also means happier customers and better communication. Betterbiztech.com is an example of a responsive website. Take a look at it from your phone, tablet or PC and see how the look is configured. If you have any questions on responsive web design call us at 212-904-0020 or Contact Us.

BetterBizTech offers responsive web design for customers who need it.