Drones and the Construction Industry

Capture your construction site from every angle. Drone flights can offer immense value to construction companies. Videos shot over the course of a project can provide a timeline over the course of a build. Aerial photography and videos can provide important data for projects, or help enhance progress reports for your clients. We capture images from a variety of angles, heights, and distances to provide you with a full report of your site.

How Drones are used for Construction Projects

Drones allow site managers, development teams, and investors to receive progress updates on build projects from every angle. Capturing construction projects in progress can help provide insights into the overall development process. Keeping investors and clients well-informed of the progress of your constriction is made easy with aerial imagery.

Topographic Mapping & Surveying

Mapping a region and providing detailed topographic information is vital for any project. Drones provide high-speed, accurate data capturing. This is perfect for pre-planning stages of a build. Our maps can assist with architectural planning and design.

3D Modeling

Render your construction site in 3D with our modeling captures. Provide detailed reporting of job sites with models throughout the build. Timestamped models from scans over time can provide progress reports to development teams.

Inspections & Maintenance

From roof inspections to facade maintenance, drones can offer photos and videos that detail important aspects of a building in close detail. Drone flights offer quick access with a flexibility of angles for inspections, without putting contractors in harms way.

Progress Monitoring

Monitor construction progress over the course of a project’s development with site fly-overs. Monthly flights over your construction site can provide developers, clients, and shareholders a detailed vision of progress at every step. At the completion of the project, a time lapse video can show the project from the ground up. Showcase your work every step of the way with BetterBizTech.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is an important aspect of inspection and maintenance. Drone-based thermal images can identify areas where issues may lie under the surface. Infrared inspections can locate moisture build-up or draft leaks. These images can provide signs of drafts, leaks, and other maintenance issues. Thermal imaging inspections can also be important before buying or selling property.


Showcase your company with stunning visuals that capture the full extent of your expertise. Enhance your website or social media pages with high-quality videos that showcase your projects.

Looking to lease or sell a property after construction? Showcase the project with stunning aerial visuals. BetterBizTech also offers video and photography production on the ground and in the building. We provide high-quality photos, POV videos, and 3D virtual tours.

Experienced Pilots that get the Job Done

Our pilots are experienced in flying tough missions: in heavily populated cities like New York, near airports, around power stations, you name it.

Safety is our priority. Our pilots have studied the OSHA 10 to work with clients in active construction sites.


Over 1100 Flights Logged


Over 700 Hours Flown


Over 1200 Miles Covered

Benefits of Using Drones for Construction

Drone flights allow you to see a construction site from every angle. Our team can capture your build every step of the way. From sharing details with investors and team leads, to highlighting your company’s portfolio of work, drone flights help showcase the transformation of a site. Capture detailed progress of your build projects with videos taken over the course of the entire build process. BetterBizTech sends professional, FAA licensed drone pilots to your site to capture images and 4k video.

Save Time

Manual surveying on the ground takes a lot of time, and for companies with many, large sites that need to be surveyed regularly, those hours add up. A drone can cover a lot more ground much quicker than a person with the added benefit of no disruptions to your workflow.

Reduce Costs

Hiring certified drone pilots on a per job basis, or contracting with us over the course of a project reduces the overhead costs of lengthy inspections and surveying. Our pilots can launch a drone and have all of the photos and videos needed in a fraction of the time.

Improve Safety

Professional drone pilots can access angles and perspectives that inspectors on the ground cannot. This can help reduce dangerous situations on the worksite. Our flights can help monitor site conditions and assist management teams with identifying safety hazards. This can help project managers find areas of a site where safety may be an issue, and work proactively to mitigate potential problems.

Mitigate Problems

Time lapse photos and videos of projects can help provide detailed information about the site with timestamped data. This can be helpful for progress reports, decision-making and legal disputes.

Track Progress

Showcase progress over time with monthly flight reports. Our team can provide video and photos throughout the entire length of a project. These can provide data for clients, investors, and management teams to track progress and maintain a proper timeline of the build.

Alternative Viewpoints

It may seem obvious to say, but one of the benefits of using a drone is the altitude. Soaring high above the ground, a drone can get data from rooftops, multi-story facades, and towers. Flights can also provide mapping of undeveloped areas that would be difficult to reach on foot. Drones can capture the area though overhead mapping and scans to better understand the big picture.

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