Drone Photos and Video

A drone is a great way to show off a real estate property, breathtaking landscapes, exciting events, or a construction project.

Let skilled our photographers, pilots, and videographers create a digital media gallery of your property or workmanship. We take pride in producing high-quality video production via drones and other cameras.

Drone Flight Team

We use a team approach when flying, to help ensure safety during flight. Our full team of professionals works on your aerial video and photo project, so the process is smoother.

Drone Footage Is Great For:


  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Landscapes
  • Event Coverage
  • Inspections
  • And more

Aerial Drone media

BetterBizTech delivers stunning aerial images and video that includes panoramic views, dramatic vista, and breathtaking birdseye views from hundreds of feet above.

Skilled Drone Pilots

BetterBizTech offers our clients FAA-licensed UAS Pilots that are also certified professional photographers, so you get unmatched quality in photography, video, flight skills, and knowledge.


We use high-quality Mavic drones for superior reliability and quality photos and videos of your real estate, events, construction, and inspection projects.

Stunning Visuals

Enhance your website or social media with stunning visuals from a different perspective. With drone footage from BetterBizTech you can bring a unique view to your business.

Video Features

We provide high-quality footage to produce videos in 1080p or 4K. Our team provides a full range of photo and video services, to help capture your business, event, or real estate listing from every angle. We will even combine footage from our drones with other video camera shots to produce the final product.

Full-Service Production For Real Estate

In addition to our work with drones, we offer a number of services to help show off and sell your real estate property. We offer high-resolution photography and video production, as well as 3d Walkthroughs through Matterport.

drone shot of a lighthouse on a hill, surrounded by autumn foliage
residential home property taken from a drone
aerial drone shot of a amusement park boardwalk on the jersey shore

BetterBizTech specializes in professional drone photography and video with licensed pilots and expert video production.

Drone Video Gallery

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