Drones are rapidly becoming a vital part of any company’s marketing strategy. As more industries innovate with drone videos and photography, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Drone flights offer a unique perspective that captivates and connects with the audience. Below, we will discuss some benefits of aerial videography and photography.

What Makes Drone Videos So Effective?

Drone flights offer stunning and dynamic aerial videos and photography to benefit almost any industry. Capture visuals of your fleet, project locations, and more. Investing in quality drone content rewards you with content that offers greater reach and more effective advertising.

Cost-Effective Aerial Visuals

In the past, aerial photos and visuals cost a lot of money. Aerial photography in the past required hiring or renting an aircraft, paying a pilot, and acquiring a flight permit, to name a few. Today, quality aerial imagery comes at a fraction of the cost. Drones offer a safer, less expensive way to create stunning visuals from the sky.

Versatility in Flight

Drones can also fly safely at much lower altitudes than piloted aircraft, offering street-level and high-altitude visuals in one flight. Drones can also fly indoors, offering dynamic fly-throughs of warehouses, workspaces, construction sites, and more.

Drone Mapping Services

In addition to photos and videos, drone mapping services can be a great way to provide data for your project clients. Drone mapping uses a mesh of high-resolution photography to create a 3D model of the region. Mapping allows us to produce quality data for progress reports and safety inspections, show before-and-after content, and more.

Flying Drones for Inspections and Evaluations

When working with a homeowner or business to inspect or repair the property, drones can offer you a way to inspect for signs of potential damage and identify areas that require repair. Roofers, solar panel installers, and utility companies can utilize drone flights to ensure the safety of workers on-site

High-Quality Footage From Drones

Our drones offer high-quality footage that helps produce stunning photography and video. With advanced sensors and cameras, our drones can fly where you need them to capture high-resolution images that capture the best of your business.

Photography from Drones on the Web

High-quality aerial photography can enhance your web presence in a variety of ways. These stunning visuals can attract attention on social media. From work sites to your business location, drones offer a unique perspective that followers will enjoy. Additionally, aerial visuals can go a long way to enhance your website. Integrating high-quality drone videos and photos into your and geo-locating them to your business location can boost your site’s SEO.

Certified Drone Pilots with BetterBizTech

BetterBizTech, LLC offers high-quality drone services with FAA-certified pilots. Our team of drone specialists uses a variety of different drones to capture your business in the best way possible. We also offer services that combine our stunning drone visuals with other photography and video services. Our team produces high-quality content to fit any need and budget. Contact us for a drone flight consultation.