People are asking about Bitcoin. What is it? How do I make money with Bitcoin? Why should I know about Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin a Scam or is it the future currency of the world? My first thought about Bitcoin is that if the founder of Bitcoin chooses to keep his name a secret, it's probably a scam. However the concept of Bitcoin is interesting. The state of the world economy is in flux due to manipulation from various government entities around the globe. It seems like everyone is choosing to print worthless money backed by nothing. Bitcoin may be a way to create a more stable world currency. It may also be a total scam that is responsible for the very same manipulation. I have put together a few videos that explain Bitcoin's pros and cons. You be the judge!


The video above, explains the basic concept of Bitcoin. The Video below shows one of the reasons why Bitcoin has been created. Another reason for the creation of Bitcoin could be for a single user to make money. We are not sure which reason is correct.

The Video below shows the methods that people are using to mine bitcoins. Mining does not seem like an effective way to earn bitcoins. The rewards have been dwindling.

Here is an online magazine that offers a more in depth explanation of Bitcoin


If you would like to learn more about Bitcoin the last video posted is a one hour interview that explains the bitcoin concept in detail. There is no question that Bitcoin exists. Is it a useful alternative to traditional currency or is it just some new multi-level marketing scam? What's your view? We would like to know.

If you would like to learn more about Bitcoins go directly to the source.