Search Engine Optimization is not a one time fix.

Search Engine Optimization should be a strategy that is configured and then modified on a periodic basis. Our staff is well versed on the latest in SEO technology and practices. Our Search Engine Submission program techniques have been used by SEO experts who have been working on web site ranking and positioning for many years. It a powerful, complete program, which automates your url submission to over 880,000 search engines, directories and link pages including Yahoo, Dmoz, Google and more.

Our SEO techniques include subscriptions to website ranking tools, keyword analysis, competitive market analysis, meta tag generator, keyword density analyzer, website ranking utility, multi-threaded submission, FTP uploader and more.

Search engines are huge databases that contain information about millions of web pages which are located on the Internet. Yahoo (, Google (, Bing ( are the examples of popular search engines.

When using a search engine, anybody can quickly and easily find a web site with the information they’re looking for. The question you must ask yourself is, “Can Internet users find my site when they need my information or service?” By registering your site with the proper search engines, this will allow people to easily locate your site!

Having the proper keywords, metatags and descriptions is a basic SEO technique. BetterBizTech does market research to find what keywords, phrases and ads would perform best for your business.